Adult Contemporary Romance/Series Series Suspense

“A Beautiful Lie (Playing with Fire, #1)” by T.E Sivec (Tara Sivec)

I was the funny one.  Yep, that was me.  What am I talking about?  I’m still the funny one and I love it…but when I was younger…say high school and college-aged, I didn’t want to be the funny one.  I wanted to be the hot one or the popular one.  I would have settled for the one who was taller than 5’1 but as we learn in pre-school…”you get what you get and you don’t get upset.”  So…I was the funny one that was my “role”and I got really freaking good at it!!

We all have things that help to define us.  For some, there are many things that when put together make up the person we see in the mirror each day.  While for others, it is one characteristic or one incident that sits on our shoulder and literally forces us to toe the line of whatever direction we are meant to go.  I, personally, don’t think there is a right/wrong school of thought.  All I DO know is for me…in the years since school…I have learned that I am so much MORE than just the funny one.  I have learned so much about myself (none of which I will bore you with) and while I still crack myself up daily…. there is more to me then meets the initial scan.  I love that about me.

“Lisa, why the hell are you rambling on about yourself in this book review?”  Ok, Ok, I’m getting there….

When I read the Chocolate Lover’s series by author Tara Sivec, I thought I had found my comedic soul-mate.  Here was a writer that was literally able to crawl into my mind and read my thoughts.  She then had the ability to write them even funnier than I had thought them in my head…AMAZING!  I spent the summer and the fall raving about Ms. Sivec’s hysterical books.  I used phrases like, “…this is the funniest book I have read in my entire life…” and “…absolutely hilarious…” Ms. Sivec is the ultimate FO (funny one).

At the end of “Troubles and Treats” the third and final book in Ms. Sivec’s Chocolate Lover’s series, there was a teaser for her new not yet released book called, “A Beautiful Lie.”  I had heard some buzz that she was writing a book that wasn’t going funny…and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.  I mean…she was the FO.  My logical mind knew that she, like myself, probably had many wonderful layers and that I shouldn’t pigeon-hole her just because she wrote a really (really, really, really) funny series of books. But I couldn’t help myself… I read the teaser and I was surprised.  It was good. I mean really good. I closed “Troubles and Treats” and didn’t think about “A Beautiful Lie” again.

This week when Ms. Sivec’s book was published, I’m ashamed to admit, I still hesitated to pull the trigger.  I still wondered if it would be as great at the Chocolate series was funny.  I am so happy to know that I am not just funny..but I’m smart  (heehee)…because buying “A Beautiful Lie” was very smart indeed.  Do you know what I learned?

Tara Sivec CAN WRITE!!!!!  Not only can she write funny but she can write sexy, steamy, smart, and suspenseful.  She doesn’t just write..she writes the hell of her story.

“A Beautiful Lie,” is a fast paced story about three best friends who have spent the past eight years together.  There is so much love between these three people who when one life is tragically taken the other two grieve and must learn to breathe, live, and love again.  Like a piece of string on sweater, a lie is found among the surviving.  As they pull at the “string” the sweater starts to unravel….

What happens when everything you ever believed turns out to be a lie?  What happens when you realized you placed your trust in the wrong hands and kept it from those who were deserving?

Ms. Sivec takes her readers on a tropical journey where we see the most beautiful scenery and the most disgusting acts of inhumanity.  “A Beautiful Lie” is filled with beautiful characters both sexy and smarmy…kind and cruel.  Parker is the kind heroine that has you wanting to be “just like her when you grow up” and both Garrett and Milo are handsome leading men.  Ms. Sivec rounds out her cast with charming and sexy supporting cast (our future heroes!!).

At the end of the book Ms. Sivec wraps up the story.  Our couple gets their HEA and I get my swooning moment.  But is that it? Nope…because Ms. Sivec has book 2 in the series already in the works (Yippy)!!!  Will I ever doubt Tara  Sivec’s writing again? Nope!  Tara Sivec is a FO but she is so much more than that.  Lesson happily learned once again!!!

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