All the Cool Things about the New Kindle Oasis 2017

Ding ding ding ding ding! Amazon has finally made it to announce the new Kindle Oasis, which is to be released at the end of October.

You can preorder the device now, but remember it won’t be available for shipping until Halloween.

Don’t ask me why. I’m as clueless as you are about their weird choice of release date.

Anyway, the New Oasis is actually quite a cool device!

about the New Kindle Oasis 2017

First, it has a 7” screen. Yes, Amazon is finally taking a break from their endless list of 6” screen devices: Kindle Basic, Paperwhite, Voyage, and original Oasis. This larger screen means more words on one page, and thus less page turning.

And while there is a slight increase in weight, the new Oasis is still lighter than a Paperwhite. Thin, broad, and lightweight, it feels very much like a small book. The screen resolution stays the same: 300ppi, ensuring sharp and clear text and pictures.

Second, the New Oasis has adaptive screen light, which is a feature on the Voyage but is missing on the 2016 Oasis. This means that the screen brightness automatically changes to match with the surrounding lighting environment. It lights up when you read in the sun, and dims itself down when you enjoy your book in the dark.

Quite smart and useful if you ask me.

Another thing I really really like about the device is that it is waterproof. It’s probably not that important to you, but to the clumsy me, who spills coffee on my book (especially at the erotic scenes) all the time, this is one of the biggest selling points. I imagine bathtub readers would appreciate this feature too.

Oh and this: it supports audiobook.

Not only does the device comes with Bluetooth to connect with your speaker, but it also has a huge storage capacity. As far as I am concern, this is the ONLY ereader on the market that fully supports Audio.

Kudos to Amazon for finally letting us enjoy our ebooks and audiobooks seamlessly on an e-ink device!

Overall, the new Kindle Oasis is what I imagine all the cool kids will get one.

I’ll still be using my Kindle Basic, as I can’t afford to upgrade. However, I totally understand if someone splurge on the device.

It’s waterproof and is packed with all the first-time introduced features, and looks and feels like it’s worth the money.

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