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“The Edge of Never” by J. A. Redmerski

Hello my friends and welcome to my first post of 2013.  It has taken me five novels (in the past 8 days) for me to get here but I have finally found the ONE!  The one story that is special enough to start “our” year properly.  Let me re-state that.  I have found a story so beautiful…so special…so worthy of sharing with you that it practically begged to be the first post of 2013.

You’re dying to know aren’t you?  You’re so silly..just read the title of the post!  I’m talking about, “The Edge of Never” by J.A. Redmerski.

In a literary world full of roller-coaster ride books sometimes it feels like authors are writing their stories just to see how much they can torment or even torture their readers.  We read about love triangles, love quadrangles, abuse, cheating, drugs, alcohols, rock-stars, movie stars.  And guess what?  I have loved every heart breaking, soul tearing, mind-blowing, panty twisting minute of it.  How could I not?  Our writers have been burning up their keyboards and melting my Kindle for quite sometime.

But every so often a story comes along and it breaks the mold.  It quietly steps away from the crowd and walks over to the side.  It’s almost like a beautiful shy girl.  She’s there among the people but not quite engaged.  She is stunning to look at but her beauty runs so much deeper than her clothes, her hair, and her skin.  She glows with purity, strength and light.  She doesn’t need to call attention to herself but the attention WILL come to her because her inner goodness and inner beauty in almost impossible to ignore.  “The Edge of Never” by J.A. Redmerski is that beautiful girl. (more…)

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2012 Year in (Book) Review…heehee! By Lisa Paul

Hello my friends, I hope this post finds you all well.  I hope your holidays were happy and the year to come holds nothing but health and happiness for you and your loved ones.

I have received feedback from some of you requesting a top ten (or so) list of my favorite books from Lisa’s Reads this year.  After giving the requests a lot of thought I came to this conclusion….I CAN’T do it.  I just CAN’T.  Why, You ask?  I’ll tell you.  If you read the “About Me” section at the top of the page, or if you have been following this blog over the course of the year, you know that I only post books that I LOVE.  I don’t have a rating system…I don’t do negative reviews…I ONLY post books that have won my heart.  That being the case, how could I possibly choose ten books that I love more than the rest of the books I have claimed to love up until this point.  To me, it would be like asking a parent to choose which child she loves more.  I can’t do it.  As any good mom would say, while I do love all of the children (or in this case my books) the same amount, I love them for different reasons.  So what I thought I would do is list for you ALL of the books I reviewed or even mentioned in my blog this year.  However, I will break them into genres/categories to make it a little less overwhelming for you.  **Please understand, the books listed below are NOT listed in any particular order!** It is also important to note that while, for the purpose of this post, I have placed the books in one list or another, a lot of them can be in more then one genre.  When you click on each book, you will be taken directly to it’s original post, there you will be able to see if the book falls into another genre.  Have fun!


Unbroken:A World War 11 Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption” by Laura Hillenbrand

Fiction/Book Club:

Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher

The Forgotten Garden” by Kate Morton

Raising Jake” by Charlie Carillo

Some Assembly Required” Lynn Kiele Bonasia

A Grown -Up Kind of Pretty” by Joshilyn Jackson (more…)

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Jaci Burton Romance

A Play-by-Play Novel (series) by Jaci Burton

Ok ladies, here is a shout out to those of you who like a man in uniform….a sports uniform that is! Now don’t get me wrong, as long as my “man” (the hero in what ever book I am reading) is an Alpha, I couldn’t care less whether or not he was Navy SEAL, ARMY, Police, doctor or for that matter a clown. However, in Jaci Burton’s Play-by-Play series all of her heroes are in sports. So far, the series contains three novels, “The Perfect Play,” “Changing the Game,” and the recently released “Taking a Shot,” and the soon to be released “Playing To Win.” (Of course they must be read in order to avoid spoilers!!!)

Because I am reviewing three novels I will avoid story details and get right to the yummy details. In this series, Ms. Burton is writing contemporary romance at it’s best. There is no cloak and dagger, no menage, and no BDSM (while totally yummy in some need here). What these books do have are amazing characters, SEXY alpha men, strong heroines, STEAMY love scenes, SMOKIN’ sex scenes and fun dialog. I would like to tell you that I liked one book more than the other two but the truth is, I liked whatever book I was reading at the time the best. Oh Jaci…You Rock!

I always like to caution my readers, so that they are aware before going into a book on my opinion alone… this series is definitely erotica! The language is sexy to me but it may make you blush (which is really cute)!

As always, I would love to hear your feedback!



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Fiction Romance Romance/Series S.C. Stephens Series

“Effortless” by S.C. Stephens

Sometimes when one has been disappointed by something/someone they can’t help but try whatever action that led to that disappointment again in hopes of a different outcome. (Just ask any love-sick teenager! Or think about your own mis-steps.) Psychologists call that behavior “crazy”, in the short term..I call it life!

Not too long ago, I read and posted about “Thoughtless” by S.C. Stephens. I loved the story but intensely disliked the main character. I found her (Kiera) to be spineless and whiney. I closed the book (turned off the Kindle..whatever!) and actually ranted to whomever would listen about how disappointed I was in both the author and the heroine (and believe me..I was using “heroine” loosely!). I didn’t think Kiera deserved a ”happily ever after”…I didn’t think she deserved anything…frankly, I was angry. So…maybe the author was better than I thought..she really made me dislike Kiera..good job Ms. Stephens!!

A friend of mine told me that there was a sequel to the book called “Effortless.” I told her to keep the sequel..I wasn’t going to waste any more time on Kiera! My friend begged me to read the sequel..she kept telling me that Kiera redeemed herself. But to tell you the truth, I had no interest in revisiting Kiera (even if I did miss my other “Thoughtless” friends.) However, being the hopeless romantic that I am…or some might say..the “typical girl” that I am..I ended up back at the source of my disappointment hoping this time the ending would be different………. (more…)

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