Why You Should Have an LED Light for Computer Desk, and How to Pick a Good One

LED computer lamps are not a new invention. In fact, they have been on the market for more than a decade now.

When they first emerged, LED light for computer desk did not immediately become popular. They were much more expensive, and they look a loss less interesting in terms of styles compared to other types of lamps.

However, within the past few years, the LED technology has gone through a lot of renovations. LED computer desk lamps are now dominating the market, and for good reasons.

Light for Computer Desk – Why You Should Go for LED

LED desk lamps are more environmentally friendly

When electricity goes into an incandescent bulb, only 5% of it is transferred into visible light.

On an LED, the number is threefold.

An LED bulb only uses 10 watts to produce the same light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb does.

As you can see from this comparison chart, LED is the most energy-efficient of all types of bulbs.

Also due to the fact that they produce much less heat, LEDs tend to enjoy a much longer life.

An LED bulb lasts 2.5 longer than a CFL, and 25 times a halogen.

If only each household in a town of a thousand households changes 1 of their halogen desk lamps into an LED, within 10 years the number of bulbs discharged will reduce by more than 27000.

Imagine how the earth can benefit from that.

They’re no longer that expensive

When they first emerged on the market, LED lights were much more expensive than other types of lights. Many consumers were not sure of their producer-claimed lifespan, and did not want to invest so much more on a technology they didn’t know of.

However, as technology advances, their prices have become a lot more affordable. You can now easily find a good LED Desk lamp for less than $100. Still more expensive than other kinds with similar designs and materials, yes, but they last a lot longer and use much less energy, so the initial investment is worth it in long term.

They’re better for you health

Unlike other kinds of lights, desk lamps are used at a close distance to your upper body. Lamps for computer desk are usually stronger and placed at a higher position than a normal lamp. As a result, your face, eyes, chest, and arms are exposed into direct contact with the light at a close distance.

Computer desk lamp
Computer desk lamps shine onto your skin at a close distance

As previously discussed, LED produces much less heat than other kinds of bulbs. This helps reduce eye dryness and fatigue, as well as skin dryness from heat.

CFLs, while also producing very little heat, are believed to emit more harmful UV rays compared to LEd or other types of lights. That’s why they’re not an ultimate choice for computer desk lamps – we don’t need more risks!

How to Pick the Right LED Computer Desk Light

Brightness and dimmability

When it comes to light intensity, a good computer desk lamp should be at least brighter than your computer screen at its brightest mode.

The reason is, when you work on your computer, tablet, or an ereader with internal lighting, you can look directly at the screen for hours. If you look down or to another place, say to your keyboard or a paper sheet or anything that is not a lit screen, the amount of light that travels to your eyes changes significantly. This causes the muscles of your irises to contract, tiring out your eyes more quickly.

A bright lamp ensures you can always have enough light in front of you. One with multiple brightness levels is ideal. You can dim it down together with your screen brightness when it becomes dark in the surrounding environment.

Choice of light color temperature

Light color temperature basically means the “coolness” or “warmth” of the light. Daylight is a “cool” light with high temperature, while the light emitted from your candle is “warm”.

Different light color temperature affect your mood, productivity, and health in different ways.

While light with higher content of blue light enhances your alertness, warm light can make you feel cozy, relaxed, and ready to doze off.

It is generally advised that you work in light similar to daylight during the day, and minimize exposure to blue light at night so that your body can prepare itself for a sleep. That means switching to a warmer light after the sun is set.

That’s why it’s important that you computer desk lamp can accommodate different light warmthness levels. Look for one that is said to have “adjustable light color temperature”, or something like “2700K – 5000K”.

Picking the right size for your LED computer desk light

Before buying a lamp, consider the size of your computer.

If you’re to put the light at your work desk with a large desktop screen, make sure the lamp is taller than the screen.

LED Light for Computer Desk
The computer desk light should be tall and can distribute light across a large area

It should also have a long lighthead that can distributes light evenly across the sides of the screen, if not the whole table. Besides, a flexible neck that allows you to twist and turn to adjust the direction of the light is also important.

All of this is to avoid the glare on your screen, making sure you get the light you need without adding pressure to your eyes.

Depending on the size of your table, you can get a lamp with a base for easy moving or a clamp to save space. If you go for a base, make sure it is large and heavy enough so the lamp won’t stumble when you adjust it.

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