Lisa’s Booty

For me, books are like treasure. They are priceless and meaningful…they are full of sparkling gems and golden phrases.  Books take me to different locations, different time periods, and sometimes different worlds.  They allow me to see from different points of view and through different eyes. They are jewels insides the battered chest.

When I am  reviewing a book, I never like to give away valuable information ( also treasures) because that might take away from your reading experience.  I will usually give you my take on a novel plus some sort of insight into my world..or the world as I see it..(which is the right way..heehee! just kidding).  I always give a description of the book but only enough to suck you in..and NEVER enough to form an opinion for you. I like to add my quirky and sometimes cheesy humor yet thankfully you haven’t thrown any tomatoes yet! (Phew!)

What have you given me?  You have given me your trust and your loyalty.  You come back to Lisa’s Reads time and again and you have brought your friends, your co-workers, and your family members.  Each day when I look at my blog statistics my heart races with excitement.  Thank you.

I would like to give something back..but what?  Believe it or not I had an author approach me with an idea that I absolutely loved.  At the time, she was a new author just starting out and I had blogged about her books a couple of time.  She suggested running contests on my blog with the winner receiving an autographed copy of the highlighted book.  I LOVED that idea.

That being said, with the kindness and generosity of the author that contacted me and several authors that I have contacted, I have been able to accumulate a small little pile (that will hopefully grow) of free books and ebooks. I plan to hold random contests on Lisa’s Reads.  The winner of each contest will receive an autographed book or a free ebook (depending on what the author has supplied).  This new and exciting addition to Lisa’s Reads will be called Lisa’s Booty! (Get it…Treasure…Booty..heehee!) Ok..stop rolling your eyes and just let yourself know you want to!

If you look at the top of the page you will see a tab that says Lisa’s Booty… there is also a treasure chest on the right sight of the blog. You can click on either spot to see the latest give away information.  I think this should be a lot of fun for all of us.

Lisa, How can I win this AWESOME prize?”  It’s easy, let me tell you how.  Oneof the goals of these contests is to get exposure for the authors and for Lisa’s Reads.  So all you need to do is post AND on your Facebook page/twitter account.  Once you have completed this task let me know that your mission is complete. (Kind of feel like a Bond girl don’t you?!)  You can either cut and paste Facebook/Twitter link or comment here or on my Lisa’s Reads Facebook page. (PLEASE CHANGE YOUR FACEBOOK STATUS TO PUBLIC…otherwise I will have to friend all of you..and then you will be forced to see all of my kids pictures…boring!) How will you know if your entry has been approved?  Once I see and approve your entry, it will appear on the Lisa’s Reads website.  If you do NOT see your comment (entry) it was not yet approved.  If you apply on Facebook, you will know that you have been approved if I have “liked” your submission.   If you Tweet, please be sure to include my Twitter address @lisasreads.   The winner will be randomly selected on  Friday, December 28, 2012.

Are you sitting there wondering what the other goal of these contests are?  It’s to have FUN!!! I am always looking for feedback so please feel free to drop me a line!

Good luck!

The treasure chest is empty…please check back again soon.