Jaci Burton Romance

A Play-by-Play Novel (series) by Jaci Burton

Ok ladies, here is a shout out to those of you who like a man in uniform….a sports uniform that is! Now don’t get me wrong, as long as my “man” (the hero in what ever book I am reading) is an Alpha, I couldn’t care less whether or not he was Navy SEAL, ARMY, Police, doctor or for that matter a clown. However, in Jaci Burton’s Play-by-Play series all of her heroes are in sports. So far, the series contains three novels, “The Perfect Play,” “Changing the Game,” and the recently released “Taking a Shot,” and the soon to be released “Playing To Win.” (Of course they must be read in order to avoid spoilers!!!)

Because I am reviewing three novels I will avoid story details and get right to the yummy details. In this series, Ms. Burton is writing contemporary romance at it’s best. There is no cloak and dagger, no menage, and no BDSM (while totally yummy in some books..no need here). What these books do have are amazing characters, SEXY alpha men, strong heroines, STEAMY love scenes, SMOKIN’ sex scenes and fun dialog. I would like to tell you that I liked one book more than the other two but the truth is, I liked whatever book I was reading at the time the best. Oh Jaci…You Rock!

I always like to caution my readers, so that they are aware before going into a book on my opinion alone… this series is definitely erotica! The language is sexy to me but it may make you blush (which is really cute)!

As always, I would love to hear your feedback!



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