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“Running on Empty” by L.B. Simmons

The only thing better than an author giving you exactly what you want is when what you want is also what you need. This weekend I wanted a story that would take me away from myself (being that myself was stuck in the hospital with a nasty stomach bug..and was disgusting and unhappy), I wanted a story that would stay with me after I finished reading it. I needed a story that wasn’t going to make me crazy with turmoil and angst (being that my body had enough angst of it own!!) Based on the beautiful cover and the fact that it was a debut novel, I chose to read, “Running on Empty” by L.B. Simmons. I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

You know that I am a huge fan of the Indy authors here at Lisa’s Reads, I know how hard they work to not only write their story but then publish and market it as well. It is a huge project and often times a lot of stories get lost in the shuffle. Not because the stories aren’t good/great/wonderful but because the market get saturated and stories get lost. That’s one of the reasons why I blog, to keep you informed of all the wonderful books you might miss out on if not for… (Smile!!).

“Running on Empty” is a story that just needs to be read. It’s a story that grabs you by the heart from the first page and never lets it go. We are introduced to Alex, a widowed mother of three young daughters, she is flustered and tired but doing the best she can to figure out how to move on and raise her girls. Ms. Simmons brings her readers into the story during a typical morning routine that any parent has experienced some version of during their parental tenure. We are shown motherhood in all of its “glamor” which can only make you laugh if you have ever spent time around children. In fact, while there are so many amazing and wonderful things about “Running on Empty,” three of them are Alex’s daughters. They are precocious, silly, messy, mischievous, little devil-dolls and their presence is a guaranteed scene stealer. Alex’s best friend, Harlow, is the kind of friend we all wish we could have. She is loving, loyal and always there with sound advice or a swift kick in the ass (which ever is needed is what gets delivered).

Ms. Simmons crafted such a beautiful and almost melodic story. Instead of readers learning that Alex’s deceased husband, Derek, was a horrible husband or a terrible man, we learn that he was the great love of Alex’s life. We actually fall in love with Derek and we feel his loss even though we never actually saw his presence. Ms. Simmons definitely took a huge risk in creating such a wonderful character as Alex’s husband..because what would happen if we didn’t like the man who is supposed to be our hero as much as we like Derek? What then? Not to worry! Because the other man is Blake Morgan! Enough said!!

Blake comes into the picture and shakes up not only Alex’s world but ours as well. And let me tell you…I fell HARD!!! Something about the smouldering good looks and the motorcycle…swoon …it gets me every time! (I know..I know..I’m so easy!!)

Okay, Okay, I’ve given you enough details. Here is what you need to know…

Ms. Simmons leads her readers on an unbelievably real journey of love, loss, healing, and rebirth. I found myself questioning how much of this story was told from personal experience. It is a story that is told with compassion, feeling, and charm. It is a must read debut book from an author that has me anxiously awaiting another release.

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