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“Strings” Hard Rock Harlots series by Kendall Grey

**Warning – This book is NOT for everyone! Hell, it’s probably not for most of you. However, I am standing by my promise of only posting books that I LOVE on Lisa’s Reads, and I LOVE this book! That being said, if you are averse to crude, rude, or graphic language, if you get upset by descriptive and lewd sex scenes, if you don’t like men degrading women in order to look cool, if you don’t like women using men for sex….well…you may want to stop reading here. Because “Strings” has all of these things! If you aren’t scared yet, please read on…you won’t be disappointed.”

Sometimes, I find my books based on word of mouth suggestions, other times, I find them by browsing on Amazon. I usually look at the book covers, or at the product description and then if I’m on the fence, I will look at the reviews. I love to look at the negative reviews as much as I do the positive, because sometimes, I can tell if I will like/love a book by what it was that another person hated about it. Does that make sense to you? Here is an example – I was once looking at reviews for an erotic romance novel, I read the positive reviews and the books sounded good, but it wasn’t the positive reviews that convinced me to click “buy” it was the negative review. It was the person who gave the erotic romance book 1 star because (and I am not making this up!!) the sex was too descriptive!!! Heeheehee!! I still laugh when I think about that. Seriously, who buys an erotic romance novel and then 1-stars it for descriptive sex? I found myself laughing out loud as I clicked on “buy” button. And to answer your question, yes, I loved the book.

To those of you who have been fans of Lisa’s Reads for a while, you have probably noticed that I have done a lot less posting over the past few months. Now, I could certainly list some pretty good excuses for my lack of blog time, one of which is that I had written my own book, but that isn’t necessarily the reason for the “dead” air on my page. The reason for my blog neglect, is that I have had difficulty finding books that inspire me to write to you. Sure, I have read the books that have topped the charts, but, just because they are selling doesn’t mean they are fabulous! (That is just my opinion, of course.) And, just because a story doesn’t hit the top doesn’t mean it isn’t wonderful. I feel like I have read the same story over and over again…so, in order to stay true to myself, and to you, the quantity has lessened but the quality hasn’t (once again, my opinion *wink).

So here I am posting about a book that totally grabbed me by the eyeballs and wouldn’t let me go. Was it sad and heartwarming? Was it gripping and full of angst? Nope! But this freaking book rocked my world for the brief time it took me to read it and I loved every single second. “Strings” by Kendall Grey, is a dirty, sexy, funny, raunchy read and those adjectives are just the make-up on the proverbial stripper’s face. Underneath the “make-up,” Ms. Grey has written an awesome story filled with creative characters – I adored the characters I was supposed to love and I couldn’t stand the one(s) I was supposed to hate and there were no characters in between, each one had me giggling out loud or grinding my teeth.

The way Ms. Grey is able to articulate her story is nothing short of creative genius. To say Ms. Grey is a good writer is like saying Celine Dion is a good singer…good is just not good enough. Seriously, I am not a prude person. In fact, according to most people who know me, I am raunchy and crude (yes, I take pride in that fact 🙂 ) but, even I found myself cringing a few times while reading, “Strings” – now, friends…THAT takes talent!

“Okay, okay, Lisa, you’re talking and talking but what is the book about?” Oh, right…I got so caught up in raving about the author, I haven’t discussed her product, so here you go.

Letty Dillenger, our heroine, is a musician in an all girls rock band. She believes in her music, the power of The Rock, and a strict “no strings attached” policy when it comes to men. With only a few dollars left to her name and a very dismal looking future ahead for her band, Letty decides to let loose and get drunk at a local bar. Enter the sexy, beautiful, man who Letty dubs as “Shades.” After a night of crazy, wild sexual abandonment, Letty slips out on Shades cutting any/all strings with her exit. When her band finally gets the break they’ve been waiting for, they get to go on tour as an opening act – Letty watches her spirits rise and fall simultaneously, as she realizes not only are they opening for the band that has become their archenemies but the new lead singer is non-other than Shades himself.

In a hysterical, sometimes disgusting, utterly sweet, and always entertaining, story, Ms. Grey takes us on a sold out tour of life, love, expectations, rolling with the flow and rock n roll. AND…if this wasn’t great enough, not only did I get a full story, beginning middle and end – but Ms. Grey is in the process of writing the second book in the Hard Rock Harlots series. I am a very happy woman!!

*Please remember, I gave you a warning at the beginning of this post. I know I made this book sound fabulous. That is because it is fabulous!! But, it isn’t for everyone. So, please, go back to the top and read my warning…if you are still interested, click on the picture and enjoy!

I can’t wait to hear from you.



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