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“The Edge of Never” by J. A. Redmerski

Hello my friends and welcome to my first post of 2013.  It has taken me five novels (in the past 8 days) for me to get here but I have finally found the ONE!  The one story that is special enough to start “our” year properly.  Let me re-state that.  I have found a story so beautiful…so special…so worthy of sharing with you that it practically begged to be the first post of 2013.

You’re dying to know aren’t you?  You’re so silly..just read the title of the post!  I’m talking about, “The Edge of Never” by J.A. Redmerski.

In a literary world full of roller-coaster ride books sometimes it feels like authors are writing their stories just to see how much they can torment or even torture their readers.  We read about love triangles, love quadrangles, abuse, cheating, drugs, alcohols, rock-stars, movie stars.  And guess what?  I have loved every heart breaking, soul tearing, mind-blowing, panty twisting minute of it.  How could I not?  Our writers have been burning up their keyboards and melting my Kindle for quite sometime.

But every so often a story comes along and it breaks the mold.  It quietly steps away from the crowd and walks over to the side.  It’s almost like a beautiful shy girl.  She’s there among the people but not quite engaged.  She is stunning to look at but her beauty runs so much deeper than her clothes, her hair, and her skin.  She glows with purity, strength and light.  She doesn’t need to call attention to herself but the attention WILL come to her because her inner goodness and inner beauty in almost impossible to ignore.  “The Edge of Never” by J.A. Redmerski is that beautiful girl.

At first look, the cover caught my eye.  A beautiful young woman with long blonde hair braided over her shoulder almost in a careless fashion.  She has the look that almost every woman wishes she could have…beautiful without trying.  Women would admire her…they would envy her..they would hate her.  All of those feelings came to me just from looking at the cover of this book.  Amazing.  But then the true magic happened, I opened the book and started reading.  Ms. Redmerski wrote BEAUTY.  Plain and simple.  There really is no other way to describe “The Edge of Never.”

Whenever I describe the characters in books I use the terms “hero” and “heroine,” however, sometimes I feel like the characters are anything but heroes/heroines.  Sometimes I find them annoying or weak.  Sometimes I find them fake and contrived but not here not within the pages of “The Edge of Never.”  Our heroine, Carmryn, has had a tough couple of years.  Life has been unkind and she has had enough.  So she decides to hop on a Greyhound bus to destinations unknown and see what the world has to offer.  While she may not be confident, she is strong.  While she may not be certain, she is determined.   While on the bus she meets Andrew Parrish (our hero…swoon).  Andrew is on the bus for his own reasons dealing with his own darkness in his own way.  Andrew is beautiful and strong and sensitive.  Over hundreds of miles and several days Camryn and Andrew build a “temporary” friendship.  It isn’t until the bus ride is over that the story truly begins.

Ms. Redmerski tells her story through two points of view.  While most of the time we are seeing the worlds through Camryn’s eyes, we get the occasional and extremely poignant opportunity to see the world and the beautiful Camryn from Andrew’s perspective.  Oh what a perspective it is!

This story was amazing.  I fell in love.  I will stay in love.  There are lines in this book that I will never forget (I even texted a couple of them to my friend…because I was swooning over them!!)  This is the kind of book that could and should be made into a movie….and I would run to see it opening night.  So, if you haven’t gotten the hint….GO READ “THE EDGE OF NEVER”!!!  You’ll love it!

I can’t wait to hear from you!



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